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<br />DEPARTMENT SPECIALIST 3 <br /> <br /> Classification #: 012 <br /> FLSA: Non-Exempt <br /> EEOC:06 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: <br />Performs administrative support activities of a complex or technical clerical nature, which <br />requires advanced skills, independent judgment and discretion; acts as lead worker of a specific <br />clerical function overseeing the work of others; and performs other related duties as assigned. <br /> <br />SUPERVISION RECEIVED: <br />Works under the general supervision of a supervisor/manager or professional employee, who <br />assigns work, establishes goals, and reviews results obtained for compliance with department and <br />program policies, procedures and goals. <br /> <br />SUPERVISION EXERCISED: <br />Supervision of other employees is not a responsibility of positions in this classification; however, <br />exercises lead direction over other clerical or office staff. <br /> <br />DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: <br />The Department Specialist 3 is the advanced journey level in the series. Incumbents perform <br />clerical duties of a complex or technical nature, and typically have lead worker or sole <br />responsibility for a major clerical function. Assignments at this level are difficult; duties involve <br />the examination and consideration of facts, researching and sometimes consulting technical or <br />professional manuals and staff in order to resolve issues and problems. Employees are expected <br />to use initiative, skill, and ingenuity to organize work, solve problems, and oversee the work <br />assigned of other clerical staff. <br /> <br />The Department Specialist 3 is distinguished from the Department Specialist 2 by the <br />performance of lead worker duties or sole responsibility for a clerical function and the <br />performance of complex or technical clerical assignments; it is distinguished from the next <br />higher level, Department Specialist 4, by the absence of accountability as an administrative <br />project manager, or breadth in senior administrative (Department Head) support and authority. <br /> <br />EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: <br /> (Duties may include, but are not limited to the following.) <br />May perform any of the duties of the DS 1 and DS 2 classes in this job series, but distinguished <br />by a primary focus on the duties listed below. <br /> <br /> <br />1.Provides training, assigns and reviews work, and prioritizes assignments for office staff; <br />provides input to performance evaluations; arranges for work coverage during absences; <br />provides backup support to staff as needed. <br /> <br /> <br />2.Coordinates and monitors implementation of projects or parts of a program; tracks the <br />progress of required actions against time lines; interprets and acts as resource on program <br />policies, procedures, and applicable laws and regulations as required. <br /> <br />